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The development phases of the Alfa Romeo Milano continue at the Balocco test center. The world premiere is planned for Milan on April 10, with an event taking place within the city of Milan itself, streamed live for all those who wish to attend.

Under the expert guidance of the team of Italian engineers, known for their crucial role in totally iconic Alfa Romeo projects such as the 4C, 8C, Giulia, Stelvio Q and Giulia GTA, the Milano (a vehicle intended to mark the automobile manufacturer's debut in the fully electric vehicle sector) is finalizing its development phase. Development strategies are orchestrated by the Alfa Romeo engineering team at the Balocco Proving Ground, an ideal location to test on track the requirements and objectives established by the dynamic Alfa Romeo engineers responsible for validating the project.

Under the direction of expert Domenico Bagnasco, responsible for ensuring the vehicle's dynamic essence, the Milano is subject to refinement aimed at exceptional goals, as is customary for every Alfa Romeo. Bagnasco's experience has enabled the development of several Alfa Romeo sports cars that have become part of the collective imagination, including the memorable 8C, the powerful 4C, the legendary Giulia GTA and many others.

The team focused its efforts on optimizing driving dynamics, with targeted interventions on the suspension. The goal remains unrivaled driving dynamics, based on direct and extremely precise steering geometry, ensuring cornering agility with a high level of grip.

At the head of the project for the new Alfa Romeo Milano is Stefano Cereda, a leading figure in the projects of the high-end car manufacturer Stellantis with many years of experience. With a key role in the development of the Giulia and Stelvio diesel engines, Cereda joined Alfa Romeo with the Giorgio project, recognized for the quality of its services and which gave life to one of the best projects of recent decades. Before taking responsibility for the Milano project, Cereda led the development of the 280 hp Plug-In Hybrid Q4 engine for the Alfa Romeo Tonale SUV.

The technical aspect of the development of the new Alfa Romeo Milano is overseen by Luigi Domenichelli, an expert Italian engineer responsible for integrating and validating all the vehicle's subsystems in terms of performance, durability and comfort. The ambitious goals focus on distinctive handling typical of Alfa Romeo and first-rate ergonomics, based on an excellent and sophisticated human-machine interface.

Let's hope that this Milano can live up to the promises and hopes it arouses....

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