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Alfa Romeo ready to reveal its secrets. In the years to come, the Biscione range will be enriched with many new products. At least one new car will arrive every year and significant innovations are not ruled out. The first model to be revealed soon will be a limited edition hypercar homage to the 33 road car which should be revealed in concept car form this summer. This will be followed in the first half of 2024 by the shift towards a compact SUV, the first car from the historic Milanese brand to be produced abroad. We have learned from this model that the name will be revealed shortly, it will be an Italian name and will be greatly appreciated by the many fans of the Alfa Romeo.

It will be the first model with a truncated rear end to debut in the Alfa Romeo range as planned by Stellantis premium brand design head Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos. The brand's number one, general manager Jean-Philippe Imparato, has already confirmed that this vehicle will be very popular with MiTo and Giulietta fans, suggesting that it will be a sui generis SUV with a very sporty and stylish style. captivating. that it will appeal to fans of sedans and sports cars.

What follows in 2025 will be the turn of the new generation of Giulia. It is said that the D-segment sedan could undergo a profound aesthetic change as conventional sedans are no longer appreciated as before. This means that the car could have a very different style. It is currently unclear whether it will be sportier as a sort of 4-door coupe sedan or closer in style to a crossover with a fastback body style.

In 2026, it will be the turn of the new Alfa Romeo Stelvio. In this case, the change should be less revolutionary than the Giulia sedan. However, the SUV is expected to have an even sportier and more aggressive look than the current model with even more character and personality. Obviously, the new generations of Giulia and Stelvio will both be built on the STLA Large platform, will be produced in Italy and will be exclusively two fully electric cars. But obviously the news for Biscione does not stop there.

In 2027 it will be the turn of a new flagship which will not be an SUV. The car will be developed in the United States and produced in Italy and is expected to have the appearance of a very sporty style coupe sedan with a length of just under 5 meters. This car will be followed shortly after by another segment model And in this case it will be a real SUV with a very sporty style ready to give serious problems to cars of the caliber of the BMW X5 and X6.

After 2027, Alfa Romeo news begins to become more murky. In fact, the official plan is approved until 2027 although in September 2023 the other cars that we will see until 2030 will be decided. It is said that there will also be room for a new Alfetta which will return to replace the Giulietta as a C-segment Sedan.

Also in this case it will be a car with a very particular design with a shortened rear end and a very sporty style. There is also talk of a new generation of Tonale, this time fully electric, and a few other sports cars.

In short, a lot of irons in the fire for the Milanese car manufacturer. Already in September we should have clearer ideas about what will happen regarding the premium brand that Stellantis intends to transform within a few years into a truly global brand that is doing well all over the world but particularly in the United States. United.

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