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In April 2024, Alfa Romeo will present the first “Sport Urban Vehicle” in its history. The vehicle will be called Alfa Romeo Milano and will also be available in a 100% electric version. The model name is a tribute to the city of Milan, where the history of Alfa Romeo began on June 24, 1910. With Alfa Romeo Milano, the historic Italian brand returns to the B segment, the largest in Europe. The brand's first model, which, as we said, will also be offered in a 100% battery electric (BEV) version, opens the world of Alfa Romeo to a new clientele.

Jean-Philippe Learnato, CEO of the Alfa Romeo brand, comments: “Alfa Romeo Milano, which will be launched in 2024, completes a product portfolio that not only satisfies the desires of all our fans, but also constitutes a “welcome return” symbolic for, for example, the Alfisti who currently drive the Giulietta or Mito models and have been waiting for a new Alfa Romeo in this segment for a long time to remain loyal to their favorite brand.

"The new Alfa Romeo Milano is also a welcome welcome for all those looking for a unique driving experience and unrivaled Italian design in this segment. This car represents a new step in the brand's transition to electric." , like the Tonale model, Alfa Romeo Milano will have the important task of further strengthening Alfa Romeo's global presence."

Almost nothing defines the identity of an automobile manufacturer more than its brand logo. Since its creation in 1910, the Alfa Romeo coat of arms has included two symbols representing Milan: the cross is the historical symbol of the capital of the province of Lombardy, in northern Italy. And the snake, called "Biscione" in Italian heraldry, represents the noble Visconti family, which played an important role in the history of Milan. For more than 60 years, from 1910 to 1972, the word MILAN was part of the logo. Until 1918, it was accompanied by the acronym ALFA, which represented the original name of the company Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili. In 1919, ALFA was replaced by Alfa Romeo.

Always a meeting place for the avant-garde, Milan today presents itself as an international hotspot for modernity, innovation and sustainability. The city plays a crucial cultural role in fashion, design and music. Alfa Romeo has chosen Milan as a symbol to open an exciting and daring new chapter in its history. Like the model names Stelvio and Tonale, which refer to a stone's throw from the Italian Alps, the name Milano is also a tribute to the brand's roots. The ambitious goal is to spread the unique values ​​that have always distinguished Alfa Romeo throughout the world.

Alfa Romeo's commercial success in 2023 is based on the commitment of a strong team whose discipline has enabled it to pursue the strategies of a long-term product plan. This plan was decided upon when the Stellantis group was created in 2021. Alfa Romeo returned to profitability in the second half of 2021. The basis was the long-term strategy called "From zero to zero": from a completely thermal brand towards a brand fully electrified in 2027 with zero emissions.

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