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The Alfa Romeo Giulietta ended its career in 2020, after having been on the market for a decade and having undergone two restylings in 2013 and 2016. During its best years, this emblematic car from the house of the four-leaf clover has achieved sales of nearly 80,000 units in Europe. During 2022, the Alfa Romeo Tonale SUV has partly replaced the Giulietta, while in the summer of 2024 its little brother, the Alfa Romeo Milano, will try to win back another segment of customers. However, Jean-Philippe Learnato, Alfa Romeo's top executive, does not rule out the possibility of reintroducing a traditional compact sedan into the range in the future. So this suggests that a new Alfa Romeo Giulietta is still possible.

Speaking recently to Autocar, Jean-Philippe Learnato said a compact sedan could represent a significant source of profit for Alfa Romeo. This is particularly relevant today, given the strength of impact resulting from the merger with Stellantis. Even in France, it is believed that a new Alfa Romeo Giulietta is a feasible project and the website of L'Automobile Magazine has also published in recent hours a rendering which hypothesizes what this model could look like if the car manufacturer Biscione decided to actually consider the future of bringing her back to life.

If a new Alfa Romeo Giulietta were to be developed, with Alfa Romeo now part of the giant Stellantis, the car manufacturer could take advantage of the new STLA Medium technical platform, recently introduced by the Peugeot e-3008. This is a modern chassis on which Stellantis has the capacity to produce 2 million vehicles per year.

The new STLA Medium platform is a modular base capable of accommodating both electric vehicles and those equipped with internal combustion engines. It offers the flexibility of traction or all-wheel drive architectures thanks to two electric motors. From an electrical point of view, the range can reach 700 km, while the power can go up to 400 hp. These features are generating great interest, anticipating the possibility of an electric Giulietta GTA. This variant could help enhance the brand's image, an aspect that the previous Giulietta never took full advantage of.

However, a new Alfa Romeo Giulietta would be offered only and exclusively in Europe where it could enjoy some commercial success. We will therefore see what new developments will arrive in this regard and if in the end Alfa Romeo will really focus on the return of its famous model to further increase its registrations.

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