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Yesterday, photos leaked onto the web that were rumored to show the new Alfa Romeo B-SUV. The images show a compact model with Alfa Romeo logos but there is obviously no certainty at the moment that these are authentic images. Despite this, these photos have literally gone around the world thanks to the Web.

It is said that the publication of this photo was made unintentionally by one of the designers who worked on the project relating to the new entry level of the Milanese car manufacturer who, by mistake, published the images in his portfolio and then had them deleted immediately afterwards.

However, the damage was now done and some sites that noticed it published the photos showing what could be the new Alfa Romeo B-SUV, whose debut is expected around the middle of next year. There is obviously no certainty that this is indeed the vehicle even if there are too many technical details to be a simple rendering.

In addition, the facade looks very similar to that of the teaser image presented by CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato in recent months. Remember that this model will be the new entry level of Alfa Romeo and the first mass-produced Alfa car to have a fully electric version. In addition to the electric range, there should also be a Hybrid version with automatic transmission which will be the entry-level version of the range. The price could start at around 30 thousand euros.

The Alfa Romeo B-SUV, whose name will be revealed soon, is expected to measure 4.2 m in length and will be produced on the CMP platform at the Stellantis plant in Tychy alongside the Fiat 600 and Jeep Avenger. Regarding this model, Imparato said that those who liked the MiTo and Giulietta would like it very much and that it would be a sui generis SUV with a very sporty character. So we'll see what else leaks and if any confirmations or denials come in regarding these images.

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