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All the preparations linked to advertisements and launch images led the new “Lancia Ypsilon” to appear on the internet without any camouflage and spotted on the road without any useful protection to preserve its lines from prying eyes. Besides, was protection necessary after the unfortunate leaks of photos of the vehicle on the internet? Regardless, a first image is already circulating, apparently taken in Milan, where the Turin manufacturer is filming some clips featuring the new generation of Lancia Ypsilon which is now practically very close to its debut next February.

After the very first images without any camouflage which represented the new Lancia Ypsilon with white bodywork ending in a river in Sochaux, this first image taken in Milan affirms that the color chosen for the presentation is the blue already known because seen in the teaser images; a color that probably suits the Italian city girl better.

The only image published at the moment allows us to appreciate the rear part of the new Lancia Ypsilon.

The image taken in Milan shows the Lancia Ypsilon through its rear section. The bodywork, completely free of any camouflage, allows us to appreciate the style of the rear which initially appears very well proportioned. If previously the relationship with the Opel Corsa and the Peugeot 208 seemed closer, this first complete image allows us to appreciate the excellent work carried out by the Turin manufacturer.

As we already knew, the styling derives from the Lancia Pu+Ra styling concept which will be the basis of tomorrow's Lancias. There is a reference to the circular headlights which contain three light elements inside which are useful to follow the style of the "Y" deriving from the model name. We also find a wide contrasting black band which connects the two circular light elements and houses the new “Lancia” writing, also in this case following an approach strictly derived from that of Pu+Ra. The entire rear section of the new Lancia Ypsilon is complex, but stylistically pleasing and well-designed; the lower part houses a square bumper and, even lower, a small diffuser with the small rear fog light placed in the center. Finally, the rear window, which appears practically flat, is topped by a large spoiler.

Initially, it will be electric only. The image also allows us to appreciate part of the side that seems to have been resolved very simply, with clean lines to emphasize the relationship with the reference concept in this case too. The window area continues to the rear window where black paint helps create a continuous solution that leads from front to rear. The rear door handles are incorporated directly inside this painted part, where the new Lancia logo.

Ultimately, the new Lancia Ypsilon looks elegant, but also rather aggressive, thus managing to combine the characteristics of Lancia cars that have always been known. The car will be based on the CMP platform, the same as its Opel Corsa and Peugeot 208 siblings with which it is expected to share dimensions, and will be produced in Zaragoza, Spain.

At its debut, it will be available in the Cassina limited edition, entirely electric, in only 1,906 units numbered and certified according to a numbering that recalls the year of birth of the manufacturer. It should use the same electric engine as its sisters, with a 54 kWh battery.

Subsequently, it will be the turn of the mild hybrid variant which should use the 136 horsepower 1.2 PureTech unit. It will not be until 2025 that the sporty HF version will arrive with a 240 horsepower electric motor, widened tracks and a 0 to 100 km/h time of just 5.8 seconds.

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